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/* SNMP Trap Consolidator is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2002-2003> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file

if (!function_exists("get_varbind_value")) {
    function get_varbind_value($trapid, $oidid) {
      if ($oidid != '*')
          $query_varbinds = "SELECT value, oidid FROM traps_varbinds WHERE trapid = $trapid AND oidid = $oidid";
          $query_varbinds = "SELECT value, oidid FROM traps_varbinds WHERE trapid = $trapid ORDER BY oidid";

      $result_varbinds = db_query($query_varbinds) or die ("Query failed ($query_varbinds) get_varbind_value($trapid,$oidid) - ".db_error());
      if (db_num_rows ($result_varbinds) == 0) return '';

      if ($oidid != '*') //if we're asked for a specific OID id
          $varbind_value = current(db_fetch_array($result_varbinds)); //get first (value) field of the recordset
      else //if we're asked for all varbinds
          while ( $rows_varbinds = db_fetch_array($result_varbinds)) //save all varbinds with key and value
            $varbind_value .= " ".$rows_varbinds["oidid"].": ".$rows_varbinds["value"];
      return $varbind_value;

    $varbinds_fields = array("interface","state","username","info");
    $query_traps = "select id as trap_id, date, ip, trap_oid from traps where analized = 0 order by id asc";
    $result_traps = db_query ($query_traps) or die ("Query failed - TA2 - ".db_error());

    logger( "SNMP Trap to Process: ".db_num_rows($result_traps)."\n");

    while ($trap = db_fetch_array($result_traps)) {

      $values = array();
      $trap_id = $trap["trap_id"];

      //get Host ID
      $query_host="Select id from hosts where hosts.ip = '".$trap["ip"]."'"; 
      $result_host = db_query ($query_host) or die ("Query failed - TA5 - ".db_error());
      $host_id = (db_num_rows ($result_host) > 0)?current(db_fetch_array($result_host)):1; //if not host is found use 1 (unknown)
      if ($host_id == 1) $values["info"] .= "Trap from: ".$trap["ip"]; //record the HostIP in the info field

      $query_types="Select type, interface, username, state, info FROM traps_types WHERE match_oid = '".$trap["trap_oid"]."'"; 
      $result_types = db_query ($query_types) or die ("Query failed - TA3 - ".db_error());

      if (db_num_rows ($result_types) <= 0) {
          $query_types="Select type, interface, username, state, info FROM traps_types where id = 1"; //get uknown trap type
          $result_types = db_query ($query_types) or die ("Query failed - TA3 - ".db_error());
          $values["info"] .= " OID: ".$trap["trap_oid"]; //record the Trap OID in the info field
          unset ($query_types);
      $trap_type = db_fetch_array($result_types); //get the current record it will be only 1
      unset ($result_types);
      // Match varbinds to fields
      foreach ($varbinds_fields as $field) //go thru all fields
          if (!empty($trap_type[$field])) { //if they its not empty
            if (is_numeric($trap_type[$field]) || ($trap_type[$field]=="*")) //if its numeric or *
                $values[$field] .= get_varbind_value($trap_id, $trap_type[$field]); //look it up
                $values[$field] .= $trap_type[$field]; //use the field contents as value
            $output .= "\t".$field."(".$trap_type[$field]."): ".$values[$field];
          } else
              $values[$field] .= ""; //if it was empty return empty

      logger("SNMP Trap ID: $trap_id \tHost: ".$trap["ip"]."\tType: ".$trap_type["type"].": ".$output."\n");

      insert_event($trap["date"], $trap_type["type"], $host_id, $values["interface"], $values["state"], $values["username"], $values["info"], $trap_id); //insert the required event
      traps_analized($trap_id); //mark trap as analized

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