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/* This file is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2002-2005> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file
function poller_tcp_port_content ($options) {

    if ($options["check_content"]==1) {

      $buffer = &$GLOBALS["session_vars"]["poller_buffer"];

      //URL Parsing
      $tcp_data = &$buffer[$options["poller_parameters"]."-".$options["interface_id"]];

      if (!empty($options["check_url"])) //we have a URL to check
          $url = $options["check_url"];
          if (empty($tcp_data)) { //if didn't have data directly from TCP
            $allowed_protos = array("http","ftp","https","ftps"); //protos we can handle

            list ($proto, $param) = explode ("|",$options["description"]);
            $proto_token = strpos($proto,"://");

              if ($proto_token===FALSE) 
                $proto_type = $proto;
                $proto_type = substr($proto,0,$proto_token);
            if (in_array($proto_type, $allowed_protos))
                $url = (($proto_token===FALSE)?"$proto_type://":$proto).$options["host_ip"].":".$options["port"].$param;

      //Data Gathering
      if (!empty($url)) { 
          if (!isset($buffer["tcp_port_content"][$url]))
            $buffer["tcp_port_content"][$url]= file($url);
          $data = $buffer["tcp_port_content"][$url];

          if (is_array($data)) $data = implode("",$data);
      } else
          $data = $tcp_data; //if we didn't have a URL then use the tcp data;

      $valid = false;
      if ($data!==false) { //if we didn't had an error
          if (!empty($options["check_regexp"])) { //if we have a regular expression set, use it.
            if (strpos($options["check_regexp"],"\\")!==false) //if the user escaped its regexp take it like it is.
                $regexp = $options["check_regexp"];
            else //if he didn't then take it as a simple regexp (without grab) and escape it 
                $regexp = preg_quote($options["check_regexp"]);    

            $regexp = "/$regexp/i";
            echo "REGEXP: $regexp\nDATA: $data\n"; //DEBUG
            if (preg_match($regexp,$data,$parts)==true) {
                var_dump($parts); //DEBUG
                $valid = true;
                if (count($parts) > 1)  //more parts means with grab, so take all the parts except the first one as the result
                  $data = join(" ",array_slice($parts,1,count($parts)));
          } else
            if (strlen($data) >= 60) // if we didn't have a Regular Expression to check, just check if its longer than 60 characters
                $valid = true;

      if ($valid == true)  
          return "valid|".substr(trim(strip_tags($data)),0,40); //return part of the valid data
          return "invalid"; //has URL or TCP data, but data is invalid
    } else 
      return "valid|Not Checked"; //didn't have check_content=1, or didn't have an allowed proto (because it didn't have a check_url)


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