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/* SYSLOG Consolidator is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2002-2004> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file
    // Match, and parse Syslog Messages, then put them in the events table

    $query_syslog = "select id, date_logged as date, host, message from syslog where analized = 0 order by id asc";
    $result_syslog = db_query ($query_syslog) or die ("Query failed - SY2 - ".db_error());

    logger( "SYSLOG Events to Process: ".db_num_rows($result_syslog)."\n");

    $fields = array("interface","state","username","info");

    while ($syslog_record = db_fetch_array($result_syslog)) {

          logger( "S ".$syslog_record["id"].":= ".$syslog_record["date"]." ".$syslog_record["host"]." ".$syslog_record["message"]."\n");

          $values = array();

          $event_type_id = 1;  // Default event, if we have no match
          $syslog_record["message"] = trim($syslog_record["message"]);
          $syslog_record["message"] = str_replace("\n"," ",$syslog_record["message"]);

          $query_stypes = "SELECT id, type, interface, username, state, info, match_text FROM syslog_types WHERE id > 1 ORDER BY pos asc, id";
          $result_stypes = db_query($query_stypes) or die ("Query failed - SY3 - ".db_error());


          while ( ($stype_rows = db_fetch_array($result_stypes))) { //loop thru all syslog_types until we find a match (or dont)

            if (strpos($stype_rows["match_text"],"(")===FALSE) //take care of legacy (non-regexp) matches, that does not have a '('
              if (preg_match("/".$stype_rows["match_text"]."/i", $syslog_record["message"], $parts)) {
                $event_type_id = $stype_rows["type"];
                if (count($parts)==1) $parts=explode(" ",$parts[0]);
                logger( "S ".$syslog_record["id"].":= Matched ".$stype_rows["match_text"]."\n");

                break; //stop processing regexps as this one matches

          if ($event_type_id == 1) //we didnt found a match, default (unknown) event
            $values["info"] = $syslog_record["message"]; //put complete message as the info
            foreach ($fields as $field_name) //foreach field to be completed
                if (!empty($stype_rows[$field_name])) { //if it has something in the db
                  unset ($value);
                  switch ($stype_rows[$field_name]) {
                      case "*":     //complete message
                              $value = $syslog_record["message"]; //this way we get the complete message
                      case "D":     //only the data, not the match
                              unset ($parts[0]);
                              $value = join(" ",$parts); // all the parts without the 0 (complete)
                      default:      //No Special Case
                              if (is_numeric($stype_rows[$field_name]))       // if field has a number is refereing to a part match
                                  $value = $parts[$stype_rows[$field_name]];  // Value is the part signaled by the field value
                              else                                // it was not numeric
                                  $value = $stype_rows[$field_name];          // so, we take it as a literal

                  $values[$field_name] = $value;
          //final touchs to the values
          foreach ($fields as $field_name)
            $values[$field_name]=addslashes(trim(str_replace(",","",$values[$field_name]))); //trim them and scape the '
          //FIXME, why? do I need to add more?
          $values["info"] = str_replace("(","",str_replace(")","",$values["info"])); //replace ( and )
          // Get the Host ID based on the IP or the Name
          unset ($host_ip);
          if (ip2long($syslog_record["host"]) === -1) //its not an IP address
            $host_ip = gethostbyname($syslog_record["host"]); //try to resolve the IP
            SELECT hosts.id FROM hosts 
            WHERE hosts.ip = '".$syslog_record["host"]."' OR hosts.name ='".$syslog_record["host"]."'".
            (isset($host_ip)?" OR hosts.ip ='".$host_ip."'":""); 

          $result_router = db_query ($query_router) or die ("Query failed - SY4 - ".db_error());
          if (db_num_rows ($result_router) > 0) // there is a record
            $host_id = current(db_fetch_array($result_router)); // use the first one
          else {
            $host_id = 1; //Unknown Host
            //if host is unknown and event type is unknown put the host ip as the interface
              //FIXME get a better way to include the host ip in the event when the host is unknown
            if ($event_type_id == 1) 
                $values["interface"] = $syslog_record["host"];
                $values["info"] .= $syslog_record["host"];
          $output_text = array();
          $output_text[] = "Host: $host_id";
          foreach ($fields as $field_name)
            if (!empty($stype_rows[$field_name]))
                $output_text[]= "$field_name(".$stype_rows[$field_name]."): ".$values[$field_name];    

          logger( "S ".$syslog_record["id"].":= ".join(" - ",$output_text)."\n");



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