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/* This file is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2002-2005> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file

ALTER TABLE interface_types CHANGE COLUMN autodiscovery_parameters autodiscovery_parameters varchar(200) NOT NULL default ''; # was varchar(40) NOT NULL default ''

ALTER TABLE interface_types ADD COLUMN autodiscovery_parameters_new varchar(200) default ''; 
UPDATE interface_types set autodiscovery_parameters_new = autodiscovery_parameters;
ALTER TABLE interface_types DROP COLUMN autodiscovery_parameters;
ALTER TABLE interface_types RENAME COLUMN autodiscovery_parameters_new to autodiscovery_parameters;



    $fp = fopen("php://stdin","r");
    while ($line = fgets($fp)) {
      //echo $line;
      if (  preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) CHANGE COLUMN (\S+) (\S+) (\S.+) NOT NULL default (\S+);/",$line,$parts) ||
            preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) CHANGE COLUMN (\S+) (\S+) (\S.+) DEFAULT (\S+) NOT NULL;/",$line,$parts)     ||
            preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) CHANGE COLUMN (\S+) (\S+) (\S.+) NOT NULL;/",$line,$parts)
            ) {
          $table = $parts[1];
          $old_field = $parts[2];
          $new_field = $parts[3];
          $type = $parts[4];
          $def = $parts[5];
          $type = $types[str_replace(" ","",strtolower($type))];
          if ($type!=NULL) {
            $temp_field = $new_field."_new_convert";

            $new_sql .= "ALTER TABLE $table ADD COLUMN $temp_field $type; \n";
              if (!empty($def)) $new_sql .=     "ALTER TABLE $table ALTER COLUMN $temp_field SET DEFAULT $def;\n";
            $new_sql .= "UPDATE $table set $temp_field = $old_field;\n";
              $new_sql .=     "ALTER TABLE $table DROP COLUMN $old_field CASCADE;\n";
              $new_sql .=     "ALTER TABLE $table RENAME COLUMN $temp_field to $new_field;\n";

      if (preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) ADD COLUMN (\S+) (\S.+) NOT NULL default (\S+);/",$line,$parts) || 
          preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) ADD (\S+) (\S.+) DEFAULT (\S+) NOT NULL ;/",$line,$parts)    ) {

          $table = $parts[1];
          $new_field = $parts[2];
          $type = $parts[3];
          $def = $parts[4];

          $type = $types[str_replace(" ","",strtolower($type))];
          $new_sql .=   "ALTER TABLE $table ADD COLUMN $new_field $type;\n";
          $new_sql .=   "UPDATE $table SET $new_field = $def;\n";
          $new_sql .=   "ALTER TABLE $table ALTER COLUMN $new_field SET DEFAULT $def;\n";

      //ADD INDEX
      if (preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) add index (\S+) \((\S.+)\);/i",$line,$parts)) {
          $table = $parts[1];
          $field = $parts[2];
          $fields = $parts[3];

          $new_sql .=   "CREATE INDEX $field"."_".$table."_index on $table ($fields);\n";

      //DROP INDEX
      if (preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) drop index (\S+);/",$line,$parts)) {
          $table = $parts[1];
          $field = $parts[2];

          $new_sql .=   "DROP INDEX $field"."_".$table."_index;\n";

      //CREATE TABLE - omit it 
      if (preg_match("/CREATE TABLE (\S.+)/",$line,$parts)) 
          $new_sql = "";

      //ONLY FOR PG
      if (preg_match("/--- PG --- (\S.+)/",$line,$parts)) {
          $new_sql .=   $parts[1]."\n";

        //ONLY FOR MY - OMIT IT
        if (preg_match("/--- MY ---/",$line,$parts)) {


      //DROP TABLE
      if (preg_match("/DROP TABLE (\S+);/",$line,$parts)) {
          $table = $parts[1];

          $new_sql .=   "DROP TABLE $table CASCADE;\n";

      //SELECT SETVAL('pollers_poller_groups_id_seq',(select case when max(id)>1000 then max(id) else 1000 end from pollers_poller_groups));
      //ALTER TABLE profiles_values AUTO_INCREMENT = 300;
      if (preg_match("/ALTER TABLE (\S+) AUTO_INCREMENT = (\d+);/",$line,$parts)) {
          $table = $parts[1];
          $value = $parts[2]-1;

          $new_sql .=   "SELECT SETVAL('".$table."_id_seq',(select case when max(id)>$value then max(id) else $value end from ".$table."));\n";
      if (isset($new_sql)) {
          if (empty($new_sql)) 
            $new_sql = $line; //if it was not converted show the old line, no parsing required
          echo $new_sql;      
    fclose ($fp);

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