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/* Satellite Sync. This file is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2003> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file


    if (!$_SERVER[argv][0]) $sync = $SCRIPT_NAME;
      else $sync = $_SERVER[argv][0];

    if (!$sat_id) $sat_id = $_SERVER[argv][1];
    if (!$hosts_ids) $hosts_ids = $_SERVER[argv][2];
    if ($jffnms_satellite_uri=="none") die("Satellite not configured.\n");
    $my_sat_id = satellite_get_id($jffnms_satellite_uri);
    if (!$sat_id) {
      $masters = array_keys (satellite_get_masters());
      $peers = array_keys (satellite_get_peers($my_sat_id));
          SELECT hosts.id as host_id, satellites.id as sat_id 
          FROM satellites 
          LEFT OUTER JOIN hosts on (hosts.satellite = satellites.id and hosts.id > 1)
          WHERE satellites.id > 1 
          ORDER by satellites.id asc";

      $result_sats = db_query ($query_sats) or die ("Query failed - R2 - ".db_error());

      while ($sat_data = db_fetch_array($result_sats)) 
      if ($my_sat_id != $sat_data["sat_id"]) { // no distribution to me

          //echo "Host ".$sat_data[host_id]." - Sat ".$sat_data[sat_id]."\n";
          $paths = satellite_get_paths($sat_data["sat_id"],NULL,1); //paths down to the destinations using only parents //FIXME multiple masters

          $paths = satellite_clean_distribution_path($paths,$my_sat_id);

          if (is_array($paths)) { //there are paths from me to the destination satellite (i'm in the middle)

                $next_hops = satellite_get_last_distribution_path($paths);

                //logger("S$my_sat_id\t: To get to Satellite ".$sat_data[sat_id]." I have to send data to satellite(s) ".join (" and ",$next_hops)."\n");
                foreach ($next_hops as $hop) 
                  if (!in_array($hop,$masters))  { //if the next hop is not a master 
                      if ($sat_data["host_id"])  //if it has a host assiged
                        $distribution[$hop][]=$sat_data["host_id"]; //send host data
                        if (!is_array($distribution[$hop])) //empty hosts, to send only basic data
          } else 
            ;//echo "No paths from $my_sat_id down to $sat_id\n";
      unset ($result_sats);

      if (is_array($distribution)) { //if there is something to do...
          if (count($distribution) > 1) { //more than one destination satellite, spawn processes.
            foreach (array_keys($distribution) as $dest_sat_id) {
                $hosts = join($distribution[$dest_sat_id],",");
                spawn (false, "$dest_sat_id $hosts",1); //spawn myself if I'm not already running
                sleep(2); //wait before spawning new proceses

          } else { //if only one, continue directly
            $sat_id = current(array_keys($distribution));
            if (count($distribution[$sat_id]) > 0) $hosts_ids = join($distribution[$sat_id],",");

    if ($sat_id > 1) { //no one distributes to 1
      if ($hosts_ids) {
          $hosts = explode (",",$hosts_ids);
          logger("S$my_sat_id\t: Sending Basic and Hosts $hosts_ids data to Satellite $sat_id ...\n");
      } else
          logger("S$my_sat_id\t: Sending Basic data to Satellite $sat_id ...\n");

      $result = satellite_distribute($sat_id,$hosts);
      //var_dump ($result);

      $text = "S$my_sat_id\t: Satellite $sat_id sync ".$result["items"]." objects, ".$result["total_errors"]." errors, ".
            $result["total_sent"]." items sent, ".$result["total_recv"]." recv: ".$result["total_add"]." added, ".$result["total_mod"]." modified, ".$result["total_del"]." deleted. Total time: ".$result["total_time"]."\n";

      if (($result["total_recv"]!=$result["total_sent"]))
          foreach ($result["data"] as $data_type=>$info)
            logger("S$my_sat_id\t: Satellite $sat_id - $data_type\tS:".$info["sent"]." R:".$info["recv"]." A:".$info["added"]." M:".$info["modified"]." D:".$info["deleted"]."\n");    

      if ($result[total_errors]>0) //if any errors were found
          foreach ($result[data] as $data_type=>$info)
            if (isset($info["error"])) //if this data type has an error field
                logger("S$my_sat_id\t: Satellite $sat_id Data Type: $data_type, Error: ".$info["error"]."\n");    



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