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/* This file is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2002-2005> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file
    header("Content-Type: text/plain");
    include_once ("../../conf/config.php");
    include_once ("sat_session.inc.php");

    //critical errors
    if ($jffnms_satellite_uri=="none") die("Satellite not configured.\n"); //we are not configured to be a satellite
    $headers = unsatellize_headers ($HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA, $capabilities);

    if (is_array($headers))
      extract ($headers,EXTR_SKIP); //Extract Headers, but don't overwrite already-set headers

    if (!$method) die("Method not Specified.\n"); 
    if (!$sat_id) die("Destination Satellite not Specified.\n"); 
    $time_total = time_usec();

    //session stuff
    if (isset($session)) { //session to be used 
      $response = array();

      if ($session=="get") {
          $session = uniqid(""); //start new session 
          $response["session"]=$session; //only send session if it was the first request

      $num_sess_vars = sat_session_start($session);

      //variables we want to save in the session
      if ($num_sess_varts == 0)
          sat_session_register ("my_sat_id","satellite","session_vars","satellite_destination","capabilities","jffnms","old_sat_id","old_from_sat_id","decide");

    if (!isset($satellite))   $satellite = $jffnms->get("satellites");
    if (!isset($my_sat_id))   $my_sat_id = $satellite->get_id($jffnms_satellite_uri);
    if (!isset($session_vars))      $session_vars = array();

    if (!isset($class))       $class = "satellite"; //default class
    if (!empty($params))      $params = unsatellize($params,$capabilities);

    // Everything is ready to go

    if ($sat_profiling) $time_mode = time_usec(); //profile execution time

    if (($old_sat_id != $sat_id) || ($old_from_sat_id!=$from_sat_id)) //if source or dest are not the same as earlier in this session
      $decide = $satellite->decide_mode ($my_sat_id,$sat_id,$from_sat_id); //decide execution mode (relay,direct,error)
    //if they are the same, just leave the session decide var

    //store this decide variables for the next call
    if (!isset($old_sat_id))    $old_sat_id = $sat_id;
    if (!isset($old_from_sat_id)) $old_from_sat_id = $from_sat_id;

    if ($decide["mode"]=="error") $response=$decide["error"];
    if (($decide["mode"]=="direct") && ($method!="none")) //try to call the method
      $response = $satellite->callback($method,$params,$class,$response);

    if ($decide["mode"]=="relay") { //relay message
      if ($ttl=="") $ttl = 10;
      if ( $ttl > 0 ) { //if TimeToLive > 0 means we can relay
          $satellite_destinations = $decide[destinations];

          if (!is_array($satellite_destination)) 
            $satellite_destination = $satellite->elect_one($satellite_destinations,$my_sat_id,$sat_id);
          if (is_array($satellite_destination)) {
            foreach ($satellite_destination as $parent_sat_id=>$satellite_parent) {
                $comment = "$my_sat_id-relay";

                    ttl=>--$ttl, //decrease TTL to send it

                if ($session_destroy) $message["session_destroy"]=$session_destroy; //relay the destroy message

                $result = $satellite->query($satellite_parent["url"],$message,$comment,0); //FIXME change to GUI or general
          } else 
            $response[error][$my_sat_id][]="Source IP ".$_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]." Relay not allowed.";

          if (is_array($result)) {
            unset ($result["session"]); //dont mix session information
            $response = array_merge($result,$response);
          } else
            $response = $result;
      } else //TTL
          $response[error][$my_sat_id][]="TTL Excedded";
//        $response[error]="TTL Excedded";
    } //if relay

    if ($sat_profiling) $time_mode = time_usec_diff($time_mode);

    if ($sat_profiling) $time_sess = time_usec();
    if (isset($session)) //session to be used 
      list ($time_ser, $time_save) = sat_session_close();

    if ($session_destroy==1) { //destroy session data (frees memory)
      $aux = $my_sat_id; //save my_sat_id
      $aux1 = $capabilities; //save capabilties
      $response["session_destroy"]=$result["session_destroy"]; //pass data

      $capabilities = $aux1;
    if ($sat_profiling) $time_sess = time_usec_diff ($time_sess);

    if (is_array($response)) {

        unset ($response[traceroute]); //dont send traceroute data
      unset ($response[times]); //dont send profiling data

    if ($sat_profiling) $time_sat = time_usec();

    $final_response = satellize($response,$capabilities);
    if ($sat_embedded!==true) echo $final_response;

    if ($sat_profiling) $time_sat = time_usec_diff($time_sat);

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