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/* Events Analizer is part of JFFNMS
 * Copyright (C) <2002-2005> Javier Szyszlican <javier@szysz.com>
 * This program is licensed under the GNU GPL, full terms in the LICENSE file

    $query_events = "
            events.id, events.date, events.type, alarm_states.state,
            interfaces.id as interface, alarm_states.id as alarm, types.alarm_up, types.alarm_duration

      FROM  events, types, interfaces, alarm_states

      WHERE       events.interface != '' and events.state != '' and 
            events.type = types.id and events.interface = interfaces.interface and 
            events.host = interfaces.host and types.generate_alarm = 1 and 
            events.analized = 0 and alarm_states.description = events.state and
            interfaces.check_status = 1

      GROUP BY          events.id, events.date, events.type, alarm_states.state,
                  interfaces.id, alarm_states.id, types.alarm_up, types.alarm_duration

      ORDER BY    events.date asc, events.id asc, interfaces.id";

    //var_dump ($query_events);
    $result_events = db_query ($query_events) or die ("Query failed - consolidate events - ".db_error());

    logger( "Events to Process: ".db_num_rows($result_events)."\n");
    while ($event = db_fetch_array($result_events)) {
      $processed = 0;

      if (($event["alarm_up"]) && ($event["alarm_up"] > 1)) $event["type"] = $event["alarm_up"]; // override type

      logger( "E ".$event["id"].":= @".$event["date"]." - state: ".$event["state"].
            " - int: ".$event["interface"]." - type: ".$event["type"]."\n");
      //find a down
      $other_alarm = have_other_alarm($event["interface"],$event["type"],array(ALARM_DOWN,ALARM_TESTING)); //verify down or testing 
      logger( "E ".$event["id"].":= Other Down Alarms: ".$other_alarm["cant"]."\n");

      if ($event["state"]==ALARM_ALERT) { //alert SLA or administrative
          $date_stop = date("Y-m-d H:i:s",(strtotime($event["date"])+$event["alarm_duration"]+30)); // add the alarm duration + 30 sec
          logger( "E ".$event["id"].":= ALERT Interface ".$event["interface"]."\n");
          $processed = 1;

      if (($other_alarm["cant"] > 0) && ($processed==0)) { 
      //We have found other active (down,testing) alarms of this interface
      //and the event was not an ALERT event (not already processed) then is a new DOWN or an UP
      //FIXME Flapping
          $alarm_data = array("date_stop"=>$event["date"], "referer_stop"=>$event["id"]);

          if (($event["state"]==ALARM_DOWN) || ($event["state"]==ALARM_TESTING)) {
            $other_alarm["cant"]=0; //let the next if enter.
            $alarm_data["active"] = ALARM_UP; //here we play because in the first 4 alarm_states the id is equal to the state
            //FIXME This is a FLAP also
          } else 
            $alarm_data["active"] = $event["alarm"];
          logger( "E ".$event["id"].":= UP Interface ".$event["interface"]."\n");

          alarms_update ($other_alarm["alarm"]["start_id"],$alarm_data); //bring up the older event
          //mark this, and the other alarm referer_start events as ACK (for events console)    
          $processed = 1;
          unset ($alarm_data);

      if ((($event["state"]==ALARM_DOWN) || ($event["state"]==ALARM_TESTING)) && //it's a down or testing event
          ($other_alarm["cant"] == 0)) {  //and we dont have any other active alarm, then is a DOWN/TESTING
          logger ("E ".$event["id"].":= DOWN/TESTING Interface ".$event["interface"]."\n");
          insert_alarm ($event["date"],"",$event["interface"],$event["type"],$event["alarm"],$event["id"],"");        
          $processed = 1;

      if (($processed==1) || ($event["state"]==ALARM_UP) || ($event["state"]==ALARM_DOWN) || ($event["state"]==ALARM_TESTING)) { 
          events_analized ($event["id"]);

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